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Biography / Discography

Already in his early childhood Patrick came in contact with electronic music. Fascinated by all areas of house & trance he lived only for this music. But from time to time, his music became harder and harder … Driven by the hard, driving beats he began in 2000 to put his hands on mixing. First it started with the mixing on a laptop, where he quickly made ​​a name for itself in its environment. The level of awareness has led to numerous gigs at private parties, birthdays and some sporting events. This however was not enough to him, because the music always continued to develop, so his interests changed.
Then he discovered Hardstyle & Jumpstyle for himself, his passion… The project “DJ Drukktechnik” was born. Hard beats, Rhythmic, harmonic melodies and some vocals, that was exactly what he needed. Soon, some friends and he founded one of the many “Jumpstyle crews”, which consisted of many of his friends and acquaintances. Here it was laying near that he was a disc jockey for that team. After a few weeks, there were the first gigs in several clubs in Leipzig. After buying real equipment (turntables, korgpad and so on, he improved his skills. Numerous gigs followed thereupon. He played for example with Bangbros, DJ Sacrifice, Jump Ahead, Patrick Jumpen, Nick D-Lite and so on …

In 2010, he applied himself again to the trance and started producing. The project “Cor Sanders” was established and deals with the directions Trance, HandsUp, Electro and House.
The movement in the scene also influenced him to expand his producing repertoire to Tech- and Deep-House. But to not forget his roots in the harder scene, he also has an Electro House project, called “Rough Stuff”.

Cor Sanders is the Head of two music labels:

Rough Stuff Records // bigroom, electrohouse, progressivehouse
Gentle Audio // minimal, house, deephouse, techhouse, electro


of the man behind Cor Sanders

DJ Drukktechnik // Cor Sanders // Rough Stuff


by the man behind Cor Sanders

- DJ Drukktechnik – Enduring Freedom // hardstyle
- Cor Sanders – Devotion // trance
- Cor Sanders – Love & Devotion // trance
- Sofa Tunes – Feel (DJ Drukktechnik Remix) // dubstep
- Rough Stuff – Dare // electrohouse
- Cor Sanders – Timeless // minimal
- Cor Sanders – Endless Trip // electro
- Avien – I’ll Give You Love (Rough Stuff Remix)

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